Mime Petroleum is fully committed to a fair and sustainable future. Mime’s policy states our commitments within the areas of environment, social and governance.



Norway is a leader in low emissions production. The NCS average carbon intensity  (~8 kg CO2e/boe)[1] is half of world average[2].

Mime is committed to the emissions targets from production on the NCS announced by NOROG:

  • 40% reduction by 2030
  • 70% reduction by 2040
  • Net zero by 2050

The company has put in place actions to reach these targets, such as:

  • The refurbishment of Jotun FPSO include preparation to import power from shore or offshore wind
  • Reducing environmental footprint on Balder Future by re-using existing infrastructure
  • Implement and promote new, low-carbon technologies in operations and business activities


  • Safety for employees, contractors and other stakeholders is the top priority for Mime
  • Mission to build a long-term and sustainable business through a risk-based management approach in all planning, execution and monitoring activities
  • Strong stakeholder focus in our decision making, with balance towards shareholders, employees and the Norwegian society
  • Core of Mime’s strategy is to maximise resource recovery and value creation from our fields in line with Norwegian Authorities’ expectations


  • Determined to adhere to high standards of governance, business conduct and corporate social responsibility
  • Ensuring full compliance with all statutory laws and regulations as well as best industry practice in all our activities
  • Diversified board of directors with employee and independent representation
  • Utmost focus on anti-corruption, anti-bribery, and transparent reporting

[1] Source: NOROG Environmental Report 2019

[2] Source: IOGP Environmental Performance Indicators report (October 2018)