Our core business is to produce, develop and explore for hydrocarbons on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The Company has a requirement through our HSE Policy that all operations are completed without harm to the people involved, with minimum impact on the environment and without damage to the assets used.

There are inherent dangers associated with oil and gas exploration and production operations and only through active risk management can these risks be controlled to an acceptable level (the ALARP principle). At Mime we have a robust risk management system to identify, analyze, evaluate, treat and monitor risks. The system is used for all projects we participate in.


Sound corporate governance is an essential enabler for a successful and safe business for the Company. This is described in the Mime Company Management System having the following objectives:

  • Compliance with Acts and Regulations
  • Description of roles and responsibilities
  • Risk Based Approach and Continuous Improvement to all our activities
  • Quality records